Saturday, 7 January 2012

Quick Shopping List 1.0 Released

Hi Everyone!

I create this app as requested by my wife.  She said current Android Shopping List apps do not meet her need. Some apps are too complicated and some apps are cannot input price information easily.  Her requirement is simple:

  • Create shopping list easily, can be no name or with name
  •  Add item quick and easily
  • Delete and edit items
  • Give a subtotal of purchased items and total price of a list
Based on her requirement, I created this app. I hope it is useful to you too! Screen capture is attached:

I’m starting this blog so that I can keep you updated with releases, upcoming features, etc. and also to get your feedback and bug reports.

What features would you like to see in Quick Shopping List? Please post any suggestions in the comments.

To get the app, you can click the following icon and install it through Android Market:
Available in Android Market

Or you can get your mobile phone and use QR Code scanner to go directly to the app download page: